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A URL Shortner That Respects Your Privacy!

My daily work requires me to send or post links fairly regularly and I have always been a fan of URL shorteners. Unfortunately, most of these tools today are nothing but advertising platforms and data collection silos. So, I decided to write my own and make it respect both member's and users' privacy.

I used Rails 6 / Ruby 2.6 with Postgres deployed on Heroku to craft this tool. It has simple use analytics (if you create a simple account) and does not collect identifying info on visitors as I use GoatCounter for my analytics on... Continue reading

Creating A Basic Chrome Extension In Five Minutes.

Have you ever wondered how difficult it would be to create your own Chrome extension? What the process would be or what it would entail? Well, it turns out it is easy to get started. In this post, I will show you how to create a very basic Chrome extension in about five minutes.

What is a Chrome Extension?

They are small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser. Chrome extensions extend Chrome’s capabilities. You write them using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

What can extensions do? Extensions can do quite a lot. ... Continue reading

Google Chrome Add-On's Every Web Developer Needs

I was thinking the other day about the tools I use on a daily basis when doing web development and decided to do do a short post on my "go-to" Chrome add-on's. These are popular but somewhat simplistic tools that are small, fast and don't get in your way until you need to use them. So let's get started!

CSS Peeper
Ever wondered what’s the line-height, font or a button size on a website? This add-on provides you the tools to satisfy your curiosity. Yo... Continue reading